Why Should I Become a Member?

As a member of the Stronghold Freedom Foundation, you will be part of an organization that is dedicated to providing support to K2 Veterans (military service members, federal employees, and civilian contractors who were stationed at Karshi-Khanabad) and their families. That support is not just for today, or until legislation is passed. That support is until every K2 Veteran and their direct family members are gone.

Your membership in the Stronghold Freedom Foundation is a great way to show your support for K2 Veterans and their families.

What are the benefits of membership:

  • Membership in perhaps one of the most elite veterans organizations, after all - only 15,777 Military Veterans and a handful of civilians were at K2.
  • Our E-newsletter includes current news, history, obits, personal stories, and more.
  • Scholarships for children/grandchildren of K2 Veterans – awarded annually.
  • Access to our store where items are available –mugs, shirts, coins, patches, etc.
  • Access to information on our annual reunion and other social events.
  • Community involvement during all local patriotic events.
  • Opportunity to participate in activities and events that benefit the Stronghold Freedom Foundation.
  • Most importantly, the opportunity to provide support to K2 Veterans and their families. Join Now!

Plank Owner

$400 /Life
  • For a limited time we are offering a Plank Owner Membership
  • Plank Owners recieve everthing a Lifetime Member recieves plus some additional items
  • A special certificate
  • A special mug that designates you as a Plank Owner, a specially numbered coin, and the first 100 will receive a special gift.
  • A specially numbered coin
  • The first 100 will receive a special gift.

Lifetime Membership

$350 /Life
  • Lifetime Membership allows you to get those yearly dues out of the way and never have to worry about making payments.
  • By paying 'upfront' you also get some really cool incentives.
  • Lifetime members receive a specially colored SFF mug, a coin, and other gifts.
  • There are several levels of Lifetime Membership: Supporter, Family, and K2 Veterans.
  • Surviving Spouses receive a complimentary Lifetime Membership - please use the contact form to find out how.

Yearly Membership

$40 /Year
  • For a low yearly fee you will be helping K2 Veterans, but the upfront cost is smaller.
  • There are several levels of Lifetime Membership: Supporter, Family, and K2 Veterans.