Advocacy involves promoting the interests or cause of someone or a group of people.

Advocacy is about helping people find their voice.

The Stronghold Freedom Foundation began as a group of advocates who wanted to give a voice to the veterans of Karshi Khanabad, Uzbekistan. The organization has evolved into much more, but at our core is the desire to do whatever it takes to make K2 Veterans' voices heard.

Legislative Advocacy

We approached lawmakers in February of 2020 with basic requests that would help every K2 Veteran. Lawmakers from across the country assisted us with legislation that addresses those issues. Learn about what is being done by lawmakers to help K2 Veterans.

Governmental Affairs

Laws passed in 2020 require the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration to conduct studies.

We plan to make sure that they complete these studies.

Toxic Exposure Awareness

Although K2 Veterans will always be our main focus, we are happy to lend our voice to other organizations that advocate on behalf of veterans that faced toxic exposures during their service.

We are part of the TEAM Coalition and support several bills that address toxic exposures.

Civilian Contractor Advocacy

We count Civilian Contractors as K2 Veterans, but the Veterans Administration does not recognize them for care. That's why we have teamed up with lawyers who specialize in Defense Base Act litigation to help them get care and compensation for their illnesses and injuries.

If you were a Civilian Contractor at K2, please contact our Civilian Liaison.

Veteran Law

We have teamed up with Veterans Service Organizations and University Law Clinics across the country to help our veterans with their VA Claims. We also have a Veterans Law Advisor on our Advisory Board.

If you are a K2 Veteran that is fighting the VA and need help, please let us know.

How Can You Help?

Contact Your Legislators

The most effective way to assist K2 Veterans is for a constituent to make direct contact with their elected officials and talk to them about K2. It is not as simple as filling out the contact form on their website. You must make personal contact with a staff member, either at a local office or in DC.

We can help you with the process. We have developed a 'how-to' guide and a basic letter that will assist you in what to say.


Contact your Local Media

The story of toxic exposures at K2 and more specifically your story, if you are a K2 Veteran or family member, is extremely compelling. Every time our collective story is told, awareness increases, and the government will become more compelled to take action.

Contacting your local newspaper, TV station, or radio outlet might seem daunting, but it is important.


Tell Your Story to Others

We know it's hard to think about talking to the media about yourself, or your situation. If you don't feel comfortable with that there are other ways you can tell your story.

The Stronghold Freedom Foundation has a publication and we post stories from K2 Veterans and family members. If you are interested in writing your story and sharing it with the world let us know. We can help you tell it.