I am a K2 Veteran

Due to the nature of the toxic exposures at K2, the Stronghold Freedom Foundation includes several groups in this designation:

  • US Service Members, who were deployed to Karshi-Khanabad Airbase, who had official orders, or who were at K2 during staging.
  • Air Crew Members who did crew rest and fly-through missions to K2.
  • Civilian Contractors, who are US Citizens, that worked for a military contractor at K2.
  • Federal Employees, whose primary duty station was K2.

All of the above may join the K2 Karshi Khanabad, Uzbekistan Radiation, and Toxic Exposures Facebook Group

To join the group, you must have a verifiable deployment to K2. Your deployment can be verified by a member of the group or by a set of orders. But you must also answer vetting questions that ask for specific knowledge of the camp.

The Facebook group is private and is its intent is to help those who were at K2 with information on health issues, new legislation, and moral support.

We keep the Facebook group private to ensure your privacy, maintain the integrity of the information we give to and receive from veterans, and to increase the effectiveness of the group's efforts.

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Registering with the Stronghold Freedom Foundation is easy and allows us to help veterans and families when they need help the most.

Our K2 Veteran Registration form asks questions about your military service, your time at K2, and your interaction with the VA.

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Federal Employees and Civilian Contractors

Are you a Federal Employee or Civilian Contractor who was deployed to K2 during Operation Enduring Freedom?

You are just as important to us as the military veterans. Please click register (above) and contact our Civilian Liason - David Puerner.


We foster awareness of the conditions at the base by utilizing the press and social media.


We educate lawmakers on conditions at the base in order to affect legislation that will help K2 veterans.


We assist veterans in getting the care they need by helping them navigate the VA system.