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There is one universal truth that all veterans know - beyond your brothers (and sisters) in arms, your family is perhaps your most valuable asset. Veterans who deployed to K2 and are facing an illness due to toxic exposure need even more support. This can be very hard on the family unit. We, better than anyone, understand what you are going through.

We work with organizations to help in every stage of your journey. It doesn't matter if your veteran is healthy, is struggling with chronic illness, or has received a terminal diagnosis.  We are here to help.

Family Members

Family Members and Caretakers can join our K2 Exposures Caretakers and Spouse Information Group. This group allows caretakers, family members, and spouses to freely discuss issues that are bothering them and to get advice on how to deal with issues. It is a private group that allows us to share information freely.

Family members can also register with SFF. This allows us to keep in touch and share valuable information about special programs just for family members.

Surviving Spouses

The loss of a loved one is always hard. We formed a Surviving Spouses of K2 Veterans Facebook Group just for surviving family members to speak openly about their loss. It is a private place to talk freely.

Surviving family members may also register with SFF - this allows us to count your K2 Veteran and if you wish to add their name to our memorial page.


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Our Family Care Team is constantly looking for resources for our K2 Veterans, Caregivers, Families, and Surviving Family Members.

We have compiled a list of helpful links and we update it as frequently as possible.

The links include everything from Caregiver Support to how to apply for scholarships for surviving children (and a lot of subjects in between).