Why Should I Become a Sponsor?

Corporate sponsorship not only provides critical, sustaining financial support for Stronghold Freedom Foundation programs, but it also gives your company a unique opportunity to make a difference in individual veterans' lives. Every donation empowers K2 Veterans, family members, and surviving spouses.

The Stronghold Freedom Foundation works with corporations in a variety of sponsorship formats, including general program support, special events, scholarships, and targeted campaign initiatives. We don't really adhere to the traditional levels of sponsorship. Instead, we speak to each sponsor individually and determine how we can work together to serve K2 Veterans best.

Contact us about further possibilities.

What are the benefits of sponsorship:

  • Attendance as a special guest at the Stronghold Freedom Foundation Annual Reunion, our annual special event where we remember our fallen, announce the recipients of scholarships, and awards, and recognize our corporate sponsors
  • Invitations to special events
  • Special recognition on our website
  • Sponsorship of one of the most elite veterans organizations, after all - only 15,777 Military Veterans and a handful of civilians were at K2.
  • The opportunity to fund scholarships for children/grandchildren of K2 Veterans – awarded annually.
  • Opportunity to participate in activities and events that benefit the Stronghold Freedom Foundation.
  • Most importantly, the opportunity to provide support to K2 Veterans and their families!